Buddy System

Become a Buddy for an international student
or be helped by a local student!

Let's go!

Why should I
get a Buddy? Why should I<br />
get a Buddy?

Would you like someone to help you (documents, accommodations, jobs)?
Would you enjoy discovering the local culture and practice a new language?
Would you like to meet local students?

With the Buddy System, we will find you a Buddy to help you and share his/her experience of this new city!

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Why should I
be a Buddy? Why should I<br />
be a Buddy?

Would you enjoy talking various languages and experience cross-cultural exchanges?
Would you like to help and facilitate an international student integration?
Would you like to meet international students in your city?

You would like to feel more the international spirit before going abroad or else you are coming back from an international mobility and would like to stay in touch with that feeling.

With the Buddy System, we will get you in touch with an international student coming in your city!

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How does it work? How does it work?

After arriving on buddysystem.eu, it takes less than 5 minutes to register by filling in basic but key pieces of information on your profile (place of study, age, gender, hobbies, date of arrival and departure, etc.).

After that, the local coordinator of your city will be able to assign you a Buddy (a local buddy if you are abroad or an international student if you are a local) corresponding to your expectations with the help of our algorithm!

Then, you have just to get in touch with your Buddy and share with her/him the Buddy System experience and enjoy the services & events offered on the platform!

1) Sign up and complete your profile information to boost your chances to find a perfect Buddy in your city!

2) The local coordinator of your city will assign you a Buddy regarding common information provided and expectations of the Buddy System.

3) Visit your dashboard to check your messages and discover your Buddy profile, events and services available in your city! Don’t worry, we will be here if you need help.