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If you can't find the city you are in, it means that no student association or university in your city has yet started matching via our platform, which is why this city is not available when you want to register.
If you have the chance, don't hesitate to talk to your establishment so that they think about using it too!
There may be a delay between the time you register and the assignment of a buddy. Indeed, the match process can take a little time since it is done by the administrative staff of your school / university or a student association affiliated with your school / university. It is therefore not automatic and the allocation of a buddy depends on the responsiveness of this person called the "Buddy Coordinator".
Your Buddy Coordinator, that is to say the person who will match you with your buddy, can be:
- a member of a student association
- a member of the international relations staff of your school / university.
- both of them
In any case, to contact your Buddy Coordinator, you can find the link in the left column on your dashboard.
It depends on your school / university or association! They are the ones who make the choice to allow students to have more than one buddy at a time.
Yes ! You just need to update the information on your profile to match your new school semester / year.
In this case, we invite you to have a look at the documentation which will allow you to know more about the Buddy System!

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