With the BuddySystem improve the reception of international students on your campus

The Buddy System is a platform developed to foster peer-to-peer relationships between local and international students.

Promoted by Campus France as part of the "Welcome to France" label, buddy programmes are being developed on many campuses across Europe.

Conceived in 2013, the Buddy System is the first European platform for sponsorship between students.
Since then, no less than 65,540 students have signed up, spread in 145 European cities and 15 countries.


A tailor-made support offer

20 higher education institutions are currently being supported by ESN France so that they can implement the Buddy System and improve the reception of their international students.

Eighty-five associations from the largest network of student associations provide assistance to institutions.

A permanent team of employees works on the platform and responds to support requests. This team trains the Buddy System stakeholders throughout the year and supports the institutions by proposing a tailor-made offer.

A complete, intuitive and secure platform


User protection, compliance with the GDPR and privacy.

We ensure that all rules related to the regulations currently in force are respected by all stakeholders of the platform.
Users are protected and must respect a charter that guarantees the safety of all.

good practice

A project labelled "Good Practice" by the Erasmus+ Agency

The European project of the Buddy System has been labelled in 2021 as an "example of good practice"


An international platform

Translated into English, French, Spanish and Italian, the platform is also present and functional in 15 European countries


Matching by customisable criteria

Buddy Coordinators are present to assist schools in carrying out the matches. More than 10,000 pairs have been matched in 2019. In addition, the platform offers to facilitate the "match" by offering numerous adjustable criteria filters.


A turnkey platform

The support offer includes the deployment of the platform in your establishment with step-by-step support from the validation of the agreements. The associations can provide you with the promotional material to let people know that the Buddy System is finally available on your campus!


Adaptation to different campuses

Because each institution does not operate in the same way, the Buddy System offers different operating modes that can be adapted to each situation (universities, separate campuses, remote components, etc.)


Accessibility for people with disabilities

Already meeting a large part of the accessibility requirements, the Buddy System continues to evolve and will soon offer functionalities dedicated to people with disabilities.


Technical support and training throughout the year

With documentation, distance training by our team but also a toolkit that is accessible from the platform, we strive to make the use of the platform as easy as possible by offering permanent technical support and an intuitive platform for users.